Private Chemistry Tuition and Curriculum Services

On 12th August 2016, I go live as a self-employed chemistry tutor as a first step in creating my business (ExScience Consultancy Services Limited). So this is the first in a series of reports cataloguing progress in this endeavour.

Ambitious students, those aiming for the limited number of places available at world class research institutions, or those aiming for careers which demand the highest entry qualifications, are often poorly prepared for such competitive environments. ExScience Ltd will be a company specialising in the supply and implementation of services tailored to support high achieving students, to go on to fulfil their maximum potential. We will work with schools, colleges or individual students, parents or teachers, to facilitate the delivery of excellence in a science curriculum.

In the future ExScience will offer a raft of services to schools, colleges or individuals, which can be bought into, ensuring significant science curriculum enhancements. This will include bespoke tutoring and mentoring services (on-line or otherwise), practical science portfolios, student project work portfolios, practical science equipment, staff-development services and other science curriculum services.

Few teachers in modern schools or colleges have an extensive background in research and development, therefore they are lacking in the basic expertise to train students for top level, higher education in science. ExScience will seek to fill this niche by developing and marketing a range of world-class resources tailored to the capabilities for practical and theoretical science within schools and colleges.

ExScience will offer bespoke tutoring and mentoring services for the most ambitious and capable students, in preparation for their future science careers and their contribution to a flourishing science based economy.

ExScience will develop a range of science practical resources (Practical Science Portfolio) that will meet the minimum requirements of exam board practical expectations, but will additionally develop a range of other skills essential for studying modern science at a higher level. This will be further enhanced by the completion of Student Project Work Portfolios by the students, overseen by experienced ExScience tutors, which students will be able to take along to their university interviews, demonstrating a range of practical laboratory skills and analytical/academic abilities.

ExScience will offer training and development for institutions who seek to develop their science curriculum staff.

The value of a science curriculum that is modern, relevant and gets the students outstanding A’ Level grades cannot be underestimated. ExScience consultants will develop parts of the curriculum that teaching staff do not have the time to do. They will modernise practical science, develop in-house student tutorials, develop student practical portfolios which clearly demonstrate the acquisition of in demand skills and carry out bespoke science staff continual professional development (CPD).

This will enhance a can-do culture within an institution, making it more competitive, improving outcomes for learners both in the short term and ultimately in the long term by changing student and institutional aspirations positively.

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